Multiple VIN2PIN Calculator (VIN2PIN) - Hyndai/Kia/General Motors/Qirui/Chery

KIA and Hyundai 2007-2011 models with SMARTRA-3 immobilizer PIN code by full VIN (all of 17 chars). Covered WMIs are 200, 201, 5NM, 5NP, 5XY, KM8, KMC, KME, KMF, KMH, KMJ, KN3, KN4, KNA, KNC, KND, KNE, KNF, KNG, KNH, MAL, MHX, NAB, NLH, NLJ, PL8, TMA, U5Y, U6Y, Z94. Only OLD pin is available.

Other supported brands:

  • Chinese Chery / Qirui A5 and IQ (4 and 8-digit pin)
  • Latin Chevrolet
  • Latin Opel / Vauxhall
  • Latin Holden
  • Latin General Motors