Christmas & New Year Offer 2022/2023.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Christmas and New Year Offer

As always we have an excellent offer for you for the Upcoming Holidays. Please do not hesitate to ask for any further information.

IAS Software is an advanced automotive application designed for professionals as much as for beginners. After many years of experience in the automotive business we decided to make many working solutions and put them all inside the IAS Software. It is easy to use with a nice and clean GUI. Database is updating and growing almost every single day including new algorithms. Dedicated professional online support.

Features: IAS Special Function, IAS Key Tool, IAS Airbag Cleaner, IAS Immobilizer Decoder, IAS DMP2PIN Generator, Honda/Acura PCM Generator (VIN2PCM), Multiple VIN2PIN Calculator (VIN2PIN), Nissan/Infiniti BCM2 Calculator and Nissan 12-Digit PIN Code Calculator (BCM2PIN), PATS Login Calculator (Incode), SMART Teach-In Calculator, Mercedes Key Data Generator (EZS/EIS), ME7.3 EEprom Tool, IAS X17 Immo Decoder, IAS X17 Immo Decoder, IAS DPF Remover, IAS EGR Remover, IAS DTC Remover, IAS Lambda Remover, IAS AdBlue Remover, IAS SGO Tool, IAS Checksum Tool, IAS BMW FSC Utilities and IAS Dump Tool.

Our most successful discount campaign for a new customers is surely IAS Software Professional where we reduced the price for 20 percent (saving €400.00). Price with discount is only €1,600.00. This time-limited offer also includes ONE-YEAR dedicated professional support, software updates (estimated cost €700.00) and consulting services provided by our developers to help you to find a quick and affordable solution.

Discount code: IAS13123DAE

For all our valued customers there are also several offers:

For Standard users: Upgrade to Professional including Annual Fee at price of €1,000.00 (saving: €200.00)

*Price below excl. payment fee of 4.9%

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