List of supported ECUs

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

The IAS Special Function is made as an easier version of file processing with the adjustable database which is growing each day and based on customer's file and feedback all eventual bugs are being fixed in no time.

ISF SOLUTIONS [Last Updated @ 4/2/2024 09:58:12 PM]

BMC/ADBlue Removal/Cummins CM2150E
BMC/ADBlue Removal/Cummins CM850
BMW/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C41
BMW/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C50
BMW/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C56
BMW/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C76
BMW/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP09
BMW/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP45
BMW/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP49
BMW/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CP002
BMW/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CS001
BMW/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
BMW/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C35
BMW/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16CP35
BMW/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C06
BMW/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C41
BMW/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C50
BMW/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C56
BMW/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP02
BMW/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP09
BMW/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP45
BMW/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP49
BMW/DPF Removal/Bosch MD1CS001
BMW/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC15M
BMW/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
BMW/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C35
BMW/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16CP35
BMW/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C06
BMW/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C41
BMW/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C50
BMW/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C56
BMW/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP02
BMW/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP09
BMW/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP45
BMW/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP49
BMW/EGR Removal/Bosch MD1CS001
BMW/Lambda Removal/Bosch ME9.X
BMW/Lambda Removal/Bosch MG1CS201
BMW/Lambda Removal/Siemens MS43
BMW/Lambda Removal/Siemens MS45
BMW/Lambda Removal/Siemens MSD80
BMW/Lambda Removal/Siemens MSD81
BMW/Lambda Removal/Siemens MSV70
BMW/Lambda Removal/Siemens MSV80
BMW/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
BMW/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16C35
BMW/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16CP35
BMW/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C06
BMW/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C41
BMW/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C50
BMW/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C56
BMW/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP02
BMW/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP09
BMW/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP45
BMW/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP49
BMW/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch MD1CP002
BMW/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch MD1CS001
BMW/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
BMW/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17C41
BMW/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17C50
BMW/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17C56
BMW/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP02
BMW/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP09
BMW/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP45
BMW/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP49
BMW/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch MD1CP002
BMW/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch MD1CS001
BMW/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C06
BMW/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C41
BMW/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C50
BMW/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C56
BMW/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP02
BMW/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP45
BMW/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP49
BMW/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch MD1CS001
BMW/Torque Monitoring Disable/Siemens MSD80
Bobcat/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C01 DCU
Bobcat/ADBlue Removal/Delphi DCM3.7
Can-Am/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch ME17.8.5
CASE/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
CASE/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC7UC31
CFMoto/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch MED17.8.10
CFMoto/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch MSE6.0
CFMoto/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch MSE8.0
CFMoto/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch US6.0
CFMoto/Speed Limiter Removal/Delphi MT05.2
Chevrolet/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP18
Chevrolet/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Chevrolet/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C42
Chevrolet/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C59
Chevrolet/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP18
Chevrolet/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Chrysler/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16CP31
Chrysler/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP27
Chrysler/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16CP31
Chrysler/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP27
Chrysler/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16CP31
Dacia/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
Dacia/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CS006
Dacia/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CS016
Dacia/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C42
Dacia/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
Dacia/DPF Removal/Bosch MD1CS006
Dacia/DPF Removal/Delphi DCM3.4
Dacia/DPF Removal/Siemens SID301-4
Dacia/DPF Removal/Siemens SID305-6
Dacia/DPF Removal/Siemens SID310
Dacia/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C42
Dacia/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
Dacia/EGR Removal/Bosch MD1CS006
Dacia/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM1.2
Dacia/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM3.4
Dacia/EGR Removal/Delphi DDCR
Dacia/EGR Removal/Siemens SID301-4
Dacia/EGR Removal/Siemens SID305-6
Dacia/EGR Removal/Siemens SID310
Dacia/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C42
Dacia/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C84
Dacia/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch MD1CS006
Dacia/Torque Monitoring Disable/Siemens
DAF/ADBlue Removal/Cummins CM2150E
DAF/ADBlue Removal/Cummins CM850
DAF/ADBlue Removal/Delphi DMCI
DAF/ADBlue Removal/Delphi ETC3
DAF/DPF Removal/Delphi ETC3
DAF/EGR Removal/Delphi ETC3
DAF/Emission Removal/Delphi ETC3
DAF/Speed Limiter Removal/Cummins CM850
Deutz/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV52
Deutz/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV56
Deutz/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CC878
Deutz/ADBlue Removal/Caterpillar A5X1
Deutz/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CV52
Deutz/DPF Removal/Caterpillar A4E4
Deutz/DPF Removal/Caterpillar A5E2
Deutz/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CV52
Deutz/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17CV52
Deutz/Emission Removal/Bosch MD1CC878
Deutz/SAP Removal/Bosch EDC17CV52
Dodge/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C79
Dodge/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16U31
Dodge/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C79
Dodge/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16U31
Dodge/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C79
Dodge/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C79
Dodge/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17C79
Doosan/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17CV41
Doosan/Emission Removal/Caterpillar A5E2
Doosan/Emission Removal/Continental EMS S8
FAL/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C69
FAL/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
FAL/ADBlue Removal/M.Marelli MJ9DF
FAL/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
FAL/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
FAL/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C69
FAL/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
FAL/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP52
FAL/DPF Removal/Delphi DCM3.5
FAL/DPF Removal/M.Marelli MJ6D
FAL/DPF Removal/M.Marelli MJ8D
FAL/DPF Removal/M.Marelli MJ8F
FAL/DPF Removal/M.Marelli MJ9DF
FAL/DPF Removal/Siemens SID803A
FAL/DPF Removal/Visteon DCU101-108
FAL/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C9
FAL/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
FAL/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
FAL/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C69
FAL/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
FAL/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP52
FAL/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM3.5
FAL/EGR Removal/M.Marelli MJ6D
FAL/EGR Removal/M.Marelli MJ8D
FAL/EGR Removal/M.Marelli MJ8F
FAL/EGR Removal/M.Marelli MJ9DF
FAL/EGR Removal/Siemens SID803A
FAL/EGR Removal/Visteon DCU101-108
FAL/IMMO Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
FAL/IMMO Removal/M.Marelli MJ6D
FAL/IMMO Removal/M.Marelli MJ8D
FAL/IMMO Removal/M.Marelli MJ8F
FAL/IMMO Removal/M.Marelli MJ9DF
FAL/Lambda Removal/Bosch ME7.9.10
FAL/Lambda Removal/M.Marelli MM9GF
FAL/MAF Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
FAL/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C69
FAL/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP52
FAL/Start Stop Removal/M.Marelli MJ8D
FAL/Start Stop Removal/M.Marelli MJ9DF
FAL/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
FAL/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C49
FAL/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C69
FAL/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C84
FAL/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP52
FAL/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
FAL/TVA Removal/M.Marelli MJ8F
Fendt/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV41
Fendt/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV52
Fendt/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV54
Fendt/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CV52
Fendt/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17CV41
Fendt/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17CV52
Ford/ADBlue Removal/Bosch DCU17PC43
Ford/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP05
Ford/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CS005
Ford/ADBlue Removal/Siemens SID209
Ford/ADBlue Removal/Siemens SID211
Ford/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C34
Ford/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16CP39
Ford/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C10
Ford/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C70
Ford/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP05
Ford/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP42
Ford/DPF Removal/Bosch MD1CS005
Ford/DPF Removal/Delphi DCM3.5
Ford/DPF Removal/Delphi DCM6.1
Ford/DPF Removal/Delphi MPC555
Ford/DPF Removal/Siemens SID202-6
Ford/DPF Removal/Siemens SID208
Ford/DPF Removal/Siemens SID209
Ford/DPF Removal/Siemens SID211
Ford/DPF Removal/Siemens SID803-803A
Ford/DPF Removal/Siemens SID807
Ford/DPF Removal/Visteon DCU101-108
Ford/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C34
Ford/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16CP39
Ford/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C10
Ford/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C70
Ford/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP05
Ford/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP42
Ford/EGR Removal/Bosch MD1CS005
Ford/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM3.5
Ford/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM6.1
Ford/EGR Removal/Delphi MPC555
Ford/EGR Removal/Siemens SID202-6
Ford/EGR Removal/Siemens SID208
Ford/EGR Removal/Siemens SID209
Ford/EGR Removal/Siemens SID211
Ford/EGR Removal/Siemens SID802
Ford/EGR Removal/Siemens SID803-803A
Ford/EGR Removal/Siemens SID804
Ford/EGR Removal/Siemens SID807
Ford/EGR Removal/Visteon DCU101-108
Ford/EGR Removal/Visteon EEC-VI
Ford/Glow Plug Removal/Bosch EDC16C34
Ford/Lambda Removal/Bosch MED17
Ford/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C70
Ford/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch MG1CS015
Ford/Speed Limiter Removal/Siemens SID202-6
Ford/Speed Limiter Removal/Siemens SID208
Ford/Speed Limiter Removal/Siemens SID209
Ford/Speed Limiter Removal/Siemens SID211
Ford/Speed Limiter Removal/Siemens SID807
Ford/Speed Limiter Removal/Visteon DCU101-108
Ford/Swirl Flaps Removal/Visteon EEC-VI
Ford/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP05
Ford/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP42
Ford/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch MD1CS005
Ford/Torque Monitoring Disable/Siemens SID209
Ford/Torque Monitoring Disable/Siemens SID211
Ford Trucks/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV41
Ford Trucks/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC7UC31
Ford Trucks/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17CV41
Ford Trucks/IMMO Removal/Bosch EDC17CV41
Ford Trucks/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC7UC31
Honda/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Honda/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C58
Honda/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP06
Honda/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP16
Honda/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP50
Honda/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Honda/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C58
Honda/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP06
Honda/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP16
Honda/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP50
Honda/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP16
Honda/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP50
Honda/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Honda/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP06
Honda/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP16
Honda/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP50
Honda/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C58
Honda/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP06
Honda/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP16
Honda/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP50
Hyundai/ADBlue Removal/Bosch DCU17PC4x
Hyundai/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C57
Hyundai/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CS012
Hyundai/ADBlue Removal/Denso Diesel
Hyundai/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Hyundai/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C08
Hyundai/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C53
Hyundai/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C57
Hyundai/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP14
Hyundai/DPF Removal/Delphi DCM3.7
Hyundai/DPF Removal/Denso Diesel
Hyundai/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC15C7
Hyundai/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Hyundai/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C08
Hyundai/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C53
Hyundai/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C57
Hyundai/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP14
Hyundai/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM3.7
Hyundai/EGR Removal/Denso Diesel
Hyundai/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Hyundai/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17C08
Hyundai/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17C53
Hyundai/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17CP14
Hyundai/Emission Removal/Bosch MD1CS012
Hyundai/Lambda Removal/Bosch ME17.9.11
Hyundai/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C08
Hyundai/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C57
Hyundai/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Hyundai/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17C08
Hyundai/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17C53
Hyundai/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP14
Hyundai/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C08
Hyundai/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Infiniti/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16CP42
Infiniti/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16CP42
Isuzu/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C09 DCU
Isuzu/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV41
Isuzu/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C83
Isuzu/DPF Removal/Transtron
Isuzu/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C83
Isuzu/EGR Removal/Delphi 4JJ
Isuzu/EGR Removal/Transtron
Isuzu/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17CV41
Isuzu/Emission Removal/Transtron
Isuzu/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CV41
Isuzu/Speed Limiter Removal/Transtron
Iveco/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C01 DCU
Iveco/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Iveco/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV41
Iveco/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC7UC31
Iveco/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Iveco/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Iveco/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C69
Iveco/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP52
Iveco/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Iveco/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Iveco/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C69
Iveco/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP52
Iveco/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Iveco/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17CV41
Iveco/Emission Removal/Bosch MD1CE101
Iveco/IMMO Removal/Bosch EDC16C8
Iveco/IMMO Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Iveco/IMMO Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Iveco/IMMO Removal/Bosch EDC17C69
Iveco/IMMO Removal/Bosch EDC17CP52
Iveco/IMMO Removal/Bosch EDC17CV41
Iveco/IMMO Removal/Bosch EDC7UC31
Iveco/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16C8
Iveco/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Iveco/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Iveco/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP52
Iveco/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC7UC31
Iveco/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C49
Iveco/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C69
Iveco/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Iveco/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Iveco/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC17CP52
Jaguar/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP55
Jaguar/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MEDC17.9
Jaguar/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP11
Jaguar/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP42
Jaguar/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP55
Jaguar/DPF Removal/Bosch MEDC17.9
Jaguar/DPF Removal/Siemens SID201
Jaguar/DPF Removal/Siemens SID204
Jaguar/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP11
Jaguar/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP42
Jaguar/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP55
Jaguar/EGR Removal/Bosch MEDC17.9
Jaguar/EGR Removal/Delphi MPC555
Jaguar/EGR Removal/Siemens SID201
Jaguar/EGR Removal/Siemens SID204
Jaguar/GPF Removal/Bosch MED17.5.4
Jaguar/GPF Removal/Bosch MED17.8.3x
Jaguar/Lambda Removal/Bosch MED17.5.4
Jaguar/Lambda Removal/Bosch MED17.8.3x
Jaguar/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP11
Jaguar/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP55
Jaguar/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch MEDC17.9
Jaguar/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP11
Jaguar/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP55
Jeep/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C69
Jeep/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C79
Jeep/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16CP31
Jeep/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16U31
Jeep/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Jeep/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C69
Jeep/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C79
Jeep/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP27
Jeep/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC15C7
Jeep/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Jeep/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16CP31
Jeep/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16U31
Jeep/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Jeep/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C69
Jeep/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C79
Jeep/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP27
Jeep/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C69
Jeep/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16CP31
Jeep/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17C79
Kobelco/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CV54
Kobelco/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CV54
Kubota/ADBlue Removal/Denso (SH7254x)
Kubota/ADBlue Removal/Denso DCU (SH705x)
Kubota/DPF Removal/Denso (SH705x)
Kubota/DPF Removal/Denso (SH7254x)
Kubota/Emission Removal/Denso (SH7254x)
Land Rover/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP55
Land Rover/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MEDC17.9
Land Rover/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16CP39
Land Rover/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP11
Land Rover/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP42
Land Rover/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP55
Land Rover/DPF Removal/Bosch MEDC17.9
Land Rover/DPF Removal/Siemens SID201
Land Rover/DPF Removal/Siemens SID202
Land Rover/DPF Removal/Siemens SID203
Land Rover/DPF Removal/Siemens SID204
Land Rover/DPF Removal/Siemens SID208
Land Rover/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC15C4
Land Rover/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16CP39
Land Rover/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP11
Land Rover/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP42
Land Rover/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP55
Land Rover/EGR Removal/Bosch MEDC17.9
Land Rover/EGR Removal/Siemens SID201
Land Rover/EGR Removal/Siemens SID202
Land Rover/EGR Removal/Siemens SID203
Land Rover/EGR Removal/Siemens SID204
Land Rover/EGR Removal/Siemens SID208
Land Rover/EGR Removal/Visteon DCU101-108
Land Rover/GPF Removal/Bosch MED17.5.4
Land Rover/GPF Removal/Bosch MED17.8.3x
Land Rover/Lambda Removal/Bosch MED17.5.4
Land Rover/Lambda Removal/Bosch MED17.8.3x
Land Rover/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP11
Land Rover/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP55
Land Rover/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch MEDC17.9
Land Rover/Speed Limiter Removal/Siemens SID208
Land Rover/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP11
Land Rover/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP42
Land Rover/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP55
Lexus/DPF Removal/Denso Diesel
Lexus/EGR Removal/Denso Diesel
Mahindra/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C53
Mahindra/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C63
Mahindra/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C81
Mahindra/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C53
Mahindra/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C81
MAN/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV42
MAN/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC7C32
MAN/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CV42
MAN/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC7C32
MAN/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CV42
MAN/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC7C32
MAN/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17CV42
MAN/Emission Removal/Bosch MD1CE100
Manitou/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Manitou/IMMO Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Maserati/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C79
Maserati/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C79
Maserati/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C79
Maserati/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17C79
Massey Ferguson/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV41
Massey Ferguson/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV44
Massey Ferguson/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV54
Mazda/ADBlue Removal/Denso R2A (SH7059)
Mazda/ADBlue Removal/Denso R2A (SH7059) EEprom Reset
Mazda/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C34
Mazda/DPF Removal/Denso R2A (SH7059)
Mazda/DPF Removal/Denso RFx (SH7058)
Mazda/DPF Removal/Denso SHx (SH725x)
Mazda/DPF Removal/Siemens SID202-6
Mazda/DPF Removal/Siemens SID807
Mazda/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C34
Mazda/EGR Removal/Denso R2A (SH7059)
Mazda/EGR Removal/Denso RFx (SH7058)
Mazda/EGR Removal/Denso SHx (SH725x)
Mazda/EGR Removal/Siemens SID202-6
Mazda/EGR Removal/Siemens SID807
Mazda/Glow Plug Removal/Bosch EDC16C34
Mercedes/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C66
Mercedes/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP10
Mercedes/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP46
Mercedes/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP57
Mercedes/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CP001
Mercedes/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CS006
Mercedes/ADBlue Removal/Delphi CRD3.x
Mercedes/ADBlue Removal/Siemens SID310
Mercedes/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Mercedes/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16CP31
Mercedes/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16CP36
Mercedes/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C43
Mercedes/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C66
Mercedes/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP01
Mercedes/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP10
Mercedes/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP46
Mercedes/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP57
Mercedes/DPF Removal/Bosch MD1CP001
Mercedes/DPF Removal/Delphi CRD1.x
Mercedes/DPF Removal/Delphi CRD2.x
Mercedes/DPF Removal/Delphi CRD3.x
Mercedes/DPF Removal/Siemens SID307
Mercedes/DPF Removal/Siemens SID310
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC15C0
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC15C6
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16CP31
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16CP36
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C43
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C66
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP01
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP10
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP46
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP57
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Bosch MD1CP001
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Delphi CRD1.x
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Delphi CRD2.x
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Delphi CRD3.x
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Siemens SID307
Mercedes/EGR Removal/Siemens SID310
Mercedes/Lambda Removal/Bosch ME9.7
Mercedes/Lambda Removal/Bosch MED17.7.x
Mercedes/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Mercedes/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16CP31
Mercedes/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16CP36
Mercedes/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C66
Mercedes/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP10
Mercedes/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP46
Mercedes/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP57
Mercedes/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch MED17.7.x
Mercedes/Speed Limiter Removal/Delphi CRD2.x
Mercedes/Speed Limiter Removal/Delphi CRD3.x
Mercedes/Speed Limiter Removal/Siemens SID310
Mercedes/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC15C6
Mercedes/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Mercedes/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16CP31
Mercedes/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16CP36
Mercedes/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP10
Mercedes/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP46
Mercedes/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP57
Mercedes/Swirl Flaps Removal/Delphi CRD2.x
Mercedes/Swirl Flaps Removal/Delphi CRD3.x
Mercedes/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C43
Mercedes/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C66
Mercedes/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP10
Mercedes/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP57
Mercedes/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch MD1CP001
Mercedes/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch MD1CS006
Mercedes/Torque Monitoring Disable/Delphi CRD1.x
Mercedes/Torque Monitoring Disable/Delphi CRD2.x
Mercedes/Torque Monitoring Disable/Delphi CRD3.x
Mercedes/Torque Monitoring Disable/Siemens SID307
Mercedes/Torque Monitoring Disable/Siemens SID310
Mercedes/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Mercedes/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC17C43
Mercedes/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC17CP10
Mercedes/TVA Removal/Delphi CRD2.x
Mercedes/TVA Removal/Siemens SID310
Mercedes Trucks/ADBlue Removal/Temic ACM
Mercedes Trucks/ADBlue Removal/Temic MCM
Mercedes Trucks/ADBlue Removal/Temic PLD
Mercedes Trucks/DPF Removal/Temic MCM
Mercedes Trucks/EGR Removal/Temic MCM
Mini/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C35
Mini/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C41
Mini/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C50
Mini/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C56
Mini/DPF Removal/Bosch MD1CS001
Mini/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C35
Mini/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C41
Mini/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C50
Mini/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C56
Mini/EGR Removal/Bosch MD1CS001
Mini/Lambda Removal/Bosch MEV17.2
Mini/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C50
Mini/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C56
Mini/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17C50
Mini/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17C56
Mini/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch MD1CS001
Mini/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C50
Mini/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C56
Mini/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC16C35
Mitsubishi/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Mitsubishi/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP52
Mitsubishi/ADBlue Removal/Denso Diesel
Mitsubishi/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Mitsubishi/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16CP39
Mitsubishi/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Mitsubishi/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP15
Mitsubishi/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP52
Mitsubishi/DPF Removal/Denso Diesel
Mitsubishi/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Mitsubishi/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16CP39
Mitsubishi/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16U31
Mitsubishi/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Mitsubishi/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP15
Mitsubishi/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP52
Mitsubishi/EGR Removal/Denso Diesel
Mitsubishi/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP52
New Holland/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
New Holland/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV41
New Holland/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17UC31
Nissan/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C45
Nissan/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
Nissan/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CS006
Nissan/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CS016
Nissan/ADBlue Removal/Siemens SID310
Nissan/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C41
Nissan/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16CP33
Nissan/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16CP42
Nissan/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C42
Nissan/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C45
Nissan/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
Nissan/DPF Removal/Bosch MD1CS006
Nissan/DPF Removal/Denso Diesel
Nissan/DPF Removal/Siemens SID301-4
Nissan/DPF Removal/Siemens SID305-6
Nissan/DPF Removal/Siemens SID307
Nissan/DPF Removal/Siemens SID309
Nissan/DPF Removal/Siemens SID310
Nissan/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C41
Nissan/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16CP33
Nissan/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16CP42
Nissan/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C42
Nissan/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C45
Nissan/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
Nissan/EGR Removal/Bosch MD1CS006
Nissan/EGR Removal/Denso Diesel
Nissan/EGR Removal/Siemens SID301-4
Nissan/EGR Removal/Siemens SID305-6
Nissan/EGR Removal/Siemens SID307
Nissan/EGR Removal/Siemens SID309
Nissan/EGR Removal/Siemens SID310
Nissan/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16C41
Nissan/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C42
Nissan/Speed Limiter Removal/Denso Diesel
Nissan/Speed Limiter Removal/Siemens SID305-6
Nissan/Speed Limiter Removal/Siemens SID310
Opel/ADBlue Removal/Delco E98
Opel/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
Opel/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CS003
Opel/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C9
Opel/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Opel/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16CP33
Opel/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C11
Opel/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C18
Opel/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C19
Opel/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C42
Opel/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C59
Opel/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
Opel/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP47
Opel/DPF Removal/Bosch MD1CS003
Opel/DPF Removal/Delco E87
Opel/DPF Removal/Delco E98
Opel/DPF Removal/Denso DECe01
Opel/DPF Removal/Denso DECe02
Opel/DPF Removal/Denso DECe03
Opel/DPF Removal/M.Marelli MJ8F3
Opel/DPF Removal/M.Marelli MJD6
Opel/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC15C13
Opel/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC15C3
Opel/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC15M1
Opel/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C9
Opel/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Opel/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16CP33
Opel/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C11
Opel/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C18
Opel/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C19
Opel/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C42
Opel/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C59
Opel/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
Opel/EGR Removal/Bosch MD1CS003
Opel/EGR Removal/Bosch ME7.6.2
Opel/EGR Removal/Bosch PSG16
Opel/EGR Removal/Delco E87
Opel/EGR Removal/Delco E98
Opel/EGR Removal/Denso DECe01
Opel/EGR Removal/Denso DECe02
Opel/EGR Removal/Denso DECe03
Opel/EGR Removal/M.Marelli MJ8F3
Opel/EGR Removal/M.Marelli MJD6
Opel/Lambda Removal/Bosch ME7.6.2
Opel/Lambda Removal/Bosch ME7.6.3
Opel/Lambda Removal/Delco E80
Opel/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16C9
Opel/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Opel/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17C19
Opel/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
Opel/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C42
Opel/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C59
Opel/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C84
Opel/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP47
Opel/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC16C9
Opel/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Opel/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC17C42
Opel/TVA Removal/Bosch PSG16
Piaggio/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C08
Piaggio/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C08
Porsche/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP44
Porsche/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP44
Porsche/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP44
Porsche/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP44
Porsche/Start Stop Removal/Bosch EDC17CP44
Porsche/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP44
PSA/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C10
PSA/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C60
PSA/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CS003
PSA/ADBlue Removal/Delphi DCM6.2
PSA/ADBlue Removal/Delphi DCM7.1
PSA/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC15C2
PSA/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16CP39
PSA/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C0
PSA/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C34
PSA/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C10
PSA/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C60
PSA/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP11
PSA/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP42
PSA/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP52
PSA/DPF Removal/Bosch MD1CS003
PSA/DPF Removal/Delphi DCM3.4
PSA/DPF Removal/Delphi DCM3.5
PSA/DPF Removal/Delphi DCM6.2
PSA/DPF Removal/M.Marelli MJ8D
PSA/DPF Removal/M.Marelli MJ8F3
PSA/DPF Removal/Siemens SID201
PSA/DPF Removal/Siemens SID208
PSA/DPF Removal/Siemens SID803
PSA/DPF Removal/Siemens SID803A
PSA/DPF Removal/Siemens SID806
PSA/DPF Removal/Siemens SID807
PSA/DPF Removal/Visteon DCU101-108
PSA/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC15C2
PSA/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16CP39
PSA/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C0
PSA/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C34
PSA/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C10
PSA/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C60
PSA/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP11
PSA/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP42
PSA/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP52
PSA/EGR Removal/Bosch MD1CS003
PSA/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM3.4
PSA/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM3.5
PSA/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM6.2
PSA/EGR Removal/M.Marelli 6LP
PSA/EGR Removal/M.Marelli MJ8D
PSA/EGR Removal/M.Marelli MJ8F3
PSA/EGR Removal/Siemens SID201
PSA/EGR Removal/Siemens SID208
PSA/EGR Removal/Siemens SID801
PSA/EGR Removal/Siemens SID802
PSA/EGR Removal/Siemens SID803
PSA/EGR Removal/Siemens SID803A
PSA/EGR Removal/Siemens SID804
PSA/EGR Removal/Siemens SID805
PSA/EGR Removal/Siemens SID806
PSA/EGR Removal/Siemens SID807
PSA/EGR Removal/Visteon DCU101-108
PSA/Lambda Removal/Bosch MEV17.4
PSA/Lambda Removal/Bosch MEV17.4.2
PSA/Lambda Removal/Bosch MEVD17.4.2
PSA/Lambda Removal/Bosch MEVD17.4.4
PSA/Lambda Removal/M.Marelli 6LP
PSA/Lambda Removal/Valeo V46.1
PSA/Lambda Removal/Valeo V56.1
PSA/Lambda Removal/Valeo VD46.1
PSA/Lambda Removal/Valeo VD56.1
PSA/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16C34
PSA/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C10
PSA/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C60
PSA/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP52
PSA/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch MD1CS003
PSA/Speed Limiter Removal/Delphi DCM3.5
PSA/Speed Limiter Removal/Delphi DCM6.2
PSA/Speed Limiter Removal/Delphi DCM7.1
PSA/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C10
PSA/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP42
PSA/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17CP52
PSA/Torque Monitoring Disable/Delphi DCM7.1
Renault/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C45
Renault/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
Renault/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CS006
Renault/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CS016
Renault/ADBlue Removal/Siemens SID310
Renault/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C3
Renault/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C36
Renault/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C41
Renault/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16CP33
Renault/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C11
Renault/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C42
Renault/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C45
Renault/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
Renault/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP19
Renault/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP58
Renault/DPF Removal/Bosch MD1CS006
Renault/DPF Removal/Delphi DCM3.4
Renault/DPF Removal/Siemens SID301-4
Renault/DPF Removal/Siemens SID305-6
Renault/DPF Removal/Siemens SID307
Renault/DPF Removal/Siemens SID309
Renault/DPF Removal/Siemens SID310
Renault/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC15C13
Renault/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC15C3
Renault/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C3
Renault/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C36
Renault/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C41
Renault/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16CP33
Renault/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C11
Renault/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C42
Renault/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C45
Renault/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
Renault/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP19
Renault/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP58
Renault/EGR Removal/Bosch MD1CS006
Renault/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM1.2
Renault/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM3.4
Renault/EGR Removal/Delphi DDCR
Renault/EGR Removal/Siemens SID301-4
Renault/EGR Removal/Siemens SID305-6
Renault/EGR Removal/Siemens SID307
Renault/EGR Removal/Siemens SID309
Renault/EGR Removal/Siemens SID310
Renault/Exhaust Flap Removal/Siemens SID307
Renault/Exhaust Flap Removal/Siemens SID310
Renault/Lambda Removal/Sagem S3000
Renault/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16C3
Renault/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16C36
Renault/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16CP33
Renault/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C11
Renault/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C42
Renault/Speed Limiter Removal/Siemens SID305-6
Renault/Speed Limiter Removal/Siemens SID309
Renault/Speed Limiter Removal/Siemens SID310
Renault/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16C36
Renault/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16CP33
Renault/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17C84
Renault/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C42
Renault/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch EDC17C84
Renault/Torque Monitoring Disable/Bosch MD1CS006
Renault/Torque Monitoring Disable/Siemens SID310
Renault/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC17C42
Renault/TVA Removal/Siemens SID310
Renault Trucks/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C45
Renault Trucks/ADBlue Removal/TRW EMS2.x ACM
Renault Trucks/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17C45
Renault Trucks/Emission Removal/TRW EMS2.x ECM
Saab/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C9
Saab/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Saab/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C9
Saab/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Saab/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16C9
Saab/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Scania/ADBlue Removal/EMS S6
Scania/ADBlue Removal/EMS S8
Scania/DPF Removal/EMS S8
Scania/EGR Removal/EMS S8
Smart/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Smart/EGR Removal/Bosch EDG15C
Smart/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Smart/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
SSangYong/ADBlue Removal/Delphi DCM6.2
SSangYong/DPF Removal/Delphi DCM3.7
SSangYong/DPF Removal/Delphi DCM6.2
SSangYong/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM3.2
SSangYong/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM3.7
SSangYong/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM6.2
SSangYong/Swirl Flaps Removal/Delphi DCM3.7
Subaru/DPF Removal/Denso Diesel
Subaru/EGR Removal/Denso Diesel
Suzuki/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C3
Suzuki/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Suzuki/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C69
Suzuki/DPF Removal/M.Marelli MJD6
Suzuki/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C3
Suzuki/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C36
Suzuki/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Suzuki/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C69
Suzuki/EGR Removal/Delphi DDCR
Suzuki/EGR Removal/M.Marelli MJD6
Suzuki/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC16C3
Suzuki/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC16C39
Takeuchi/ADBlue Removal/Denso ACM (SH725x)
Takeuchi/ADBlue Removal/Denso MCM (SH725x)
Temsa/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Temsa/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Temsa/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Temsa/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17C49
Temsa/Emission Removal/Delphi ETC3
Toyota/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C60
Toyota/ADBlue Removal/Delphi DCM6.2
Toyota/ADBlue Removal/Delphi DCM7.1
Toyota/ADBlue Removal/Denso Gen2 Diesel
Toyota/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C47
Toyota/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C60
Toyota/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C73
Toyota/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP07
Toyota/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP37
Toyota/DPF Removal/Denso Gen1 Diesel
Toyota/DPF Removal/Denso Gen2 Diesel
Toyota/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Toyota/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C47
Toyota/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C60
Toyota/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C73
Toyota/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP07
Toyota/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP37
Toyota/EGR Removal/Denso Gen1 Diesel
Toyota/EGR Removal/Denso Gen2 Diesel
Toyota/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17CP07
Toyota/Emission Removal/Bosch EDC17CP37
Toyota/Emission Removal/Delphi DCM7.1
Toyota/Emission Removal/Denso Gen1 Diesel
Toyota/Emission Removal/Denso Gen2 Diesel
Toyota/Emission Removal/Denso Gen3 Diesel
Toyota/IMMO Removal/Denso Gen1 Diesel
Toyota/IMMO Removal/Denso Gen2 Diesel
Toyota/IMMO Removal/Desno Gen3 Diesel
Toyota/Lambda Removal/Bosch ME7.9.5
Toyota/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C60
Toyota/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C73
Toyota/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP07
Toyota/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP37
Toyota/Speed Limiter Removal/Delphi DCM6.2
Toyota/Speed Limiter Removal/Delphi DCM7.1
Toyota/Speed Limiter Removal/Denso Gen1 Diesel
Toyota/Speed Limiter Removal/Denso Gen2 Diesel
Toyota/Speed Limiter Removal/Denso Gen3 Diesel
VAG/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C46
VAG/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C54
VAG/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C64
VAG/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17C74
VAG/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP20
VAG/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP24
VAG/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP44
VAG/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP54
VAG/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CP74
VAG/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CP004
VAG/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CP014
VAG/ADBlue Removal/Bosch MD1CS004
VAG/ADBlue Removal/Delphi DCM6.2
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16CP34
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16U1
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16U3x
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C46
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C54
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C64
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17C74
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP04
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP14
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP20
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP24
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP44
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP54
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP74
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17U01
VAG/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17U05
VAG/DPF Removal/Delphi DCM3.7
VAG/DPF Removal/Delphi DCM6.2
VAG/DPF Removal/Siemens PPD1.x
VAG/DPF Removal/Simos PCR2.1
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC15P
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16CP34
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16U1
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16U3x
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C46
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C54
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C64
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17C74
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP04
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP14
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP20
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP24
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP44
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP54
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17U01
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17U05
VAG/EGR Removal/Bosch MED9.5.10
VAG/EGR Removal/M.Marelli IAW4TV
VAG/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM3.7
VAG/EGR Removal/Delphi DCM6.2
VAG/EGR Removal/Siemens PPD1.x
VAG/EGR Removal/Simos PCR2.1
VAG/Lambda Removal/Bosch EDC17C46
VAG/Lambda Removal/Bosch EDC17C64
VAG/Lambda Removal/Bosch EDC17C74
VAG/Lambda Removal/Bosch EDC17CP14
VAG/Lambda Removal/Bosch EDC17CP20
VAG/Lambda Removal/Bosch EDC17CP24
VAG/Lambda Removal/Bosch MED9.1
VAG/Lambda Removal/Bosch MED9.5.10
VAG/Lambda Removal/Bosch MED17.5
VAG/Lambda Removal/Bosch MED17.5.25
VAG/Lambda Removal/Bosch MED17.5.5
VAG/Lambda Removal/Siemens SIMOS 11.1
VAG/Lambda Removal/Siemens SIMOS 10.1
VAG/Lambda Removal/Siemens SIMOS 9.1
VAG/MAF Removal/Bosch EDC15P
VAG/MAF Removal/Bosch EDC16U1
VAG/MAF Removal/Bosch EDC16U3x
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16CP34
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16U1
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC16U3x
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C46
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C54
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C64
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17C74
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP04
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP14
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP20
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP24
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17CP44
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch EDC17U01
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch MD1CP014
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch MD1CS004
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch MED17.5
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch MED17.5.25
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Bosch MED17.5.5
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Delphi DCM6.2
VAG/Speed Limiter Removal/Simos PCR2.1
VAG/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16CP34
VAG/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16U1
VAG/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16U3x
VAG/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP04
VAG/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP14
VAG/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP20
VAG/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP24
VAG/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC17CP44
VAG/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch MED17.5
VAG/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch MED17.5.5
VAG/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch MED9.5.10
VAG/Swirl Flaps Removal/Delphi DCM6.2
VAG/Swirl Flaps Removal/Siemens PPD1.x
VAG/Start Stop Removal/Bosch EDC17C46
VAG/Start Stop Removal/Bosch EDC17C54
VAG/Start Stop Removal/Bosch EDC17C64
VAG/Start Stop Removal/Bosch EDC17C74
VAG/Start Stop Removal/Bosch EDC17CP44
VAG/Start Stop Removal/Bosch EDC17CP54
VAG/Start Stop Removal/Simos PCR2.1
VAG/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC16CP34
VAG/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC16U1
VAG/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC16U3x
VAG/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC17C46
VAG/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC17C54
VAG/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC17CP04
VAG/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC17CP14
VAG/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC17CP20
VAG/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC17CP24
VAG/Warm Start Fix/Bosch EDC15P
VAG/Warm Start Fix/Bosch EDC16U1
VAG/Warm Start Fix/Bosch EDC16U3x
VAG/Warm Start Fix/Siemens PPD1.x
Valtra/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV41
Valtra/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV44
Valtra/ADBlue Removal/Bosch EDC17CV45
Volvo/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Volvo/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC16C34
Volvo/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP22
Volvo/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP48
Volvo/DPF Removal/Bosch EDC17CP68
Volvo/DPF Removal/Denso VED
Volvo/DPF Removal/Siemens SID206
Volvo/DPF Removal/Siemens SID803
Volvo/DPF Removal/Siemens SID807
Volvo/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC15C11
Volvo/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Volvo/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC16C34
Volvo/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP22
Volvo/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP48
Volvo/EGR Removal/Bosch EDC17CP68
Volvo/EGR Removal/Denso VED
Volvo/EGR Removal/Siemens SID206
Volvo/EGR Removal/Siemens SID803
Volvo/EGR Removal/Siemens SID807
Volvo/Swirl Flaps Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Volvo/TVA Removal/Bosch EDC16C31
Volvo Trucks/Emission Removal/TRW EMS2.x ACM
Volvo Trucks/Emission Removal/TRW EMS2.x ECM


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